Step aside non-dairy milk heavy hitters! A new milk substitute has entered the ring and this one is going to make some frothy waves. That’s right, we’re talking about pistachio milk, and you may be surprised at all the benefits it has. From being rich in protein to an ideal creamer, pistachio milk is sure […]

Pistachio Milk Is Here and It Will Change Your Morning Routine


Plant-based seafood options are the newest industry development, meaning you can wave goodbye to lousy alternatives. Instead, an ever-growing plethora of products are slowly but surely replacing meat across supermarkets, restaurants and homes across the world. Swap out conventional sausages or burgers at your summer barbecue and enjoy “raw” fish, “tuna” salad or even golden […]

Try these 4 Plant-Based Seafood Brands


Before we started dating, Will was a Domino’s semi-regular. He loves a good Deluxe! And for his thirtieth birthday (back in 2020), we had a pizza-a-thon with his brother on the beach. I ordered 7 pizzas from 7 of the best pizzerias in Toronto and boy, that was a lot of pizza! We found a couple […]

The Best Pizza Topping Combinations


The Weekenders are brief letters from our editor where we feature a summary of links, tips, ideas, and recommendations from the week. My parents, brother, and I got a dog sometime back circa 2014: Lola. Lola is a Maltese-Shih Tzu and from the moment we got her, our family has loved her dearly. She has […]

On Becoming a Dog Mom & Going Plant-Based


I’m not sure I knew anyone who ate beans much when I was growing up. Our family ate bean products (i.e. soy milk, bean curd, tofu, etc.), but otherwise, the only times we had beans were on camping trips. Even then, they seldom made the cut. Fast-forward 10-ish years, the most commonly used beans in our […]

Cooking with More Beans—That Aren’t Chickpeas


My first time making hummus was barely short of a failure. It was almost 10 years ago and I can’t even remember what recipe I used. What I do remember is repeatedly adding more olive oil, then lemon juice, then back to more olive oil; neither the taste nor texture was never really quite right. But […]

Do You De-Skin Your Chickpeas?


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